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For all those things that can not wait
When we speak about reliability, securaty, efficiency, professionalism and dedicated to the region, we think of Urgency Courrier Colis Cargo Inc. All this with an outstanding customer service. Urgence Messagerie was established in 1989 by Mr. Michel Gaudreault, in the district of Chicoutimi. November 2014, along with the constant expansion, Mr. Éric Maltais and his whole experience in the field of the transport and of the logistics, took at the same time the commands of this 100 % regional company. The arrival of Mr. Maltais in the only goal of the continuing improvement of the immediate delivery, for the biggest satisfaction of his customers. Our professionals' team can transport anything from the simple letter up to the exceptional industrial dimension parts and in between pallets, complete or partial lot on short and long distance. We serve the whole Quebec, the great construction sites of the North, the Ontario or more, the Atlantic provinces as the New Brunswick. All this 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year always in exceptional deadline of 24 hours or less. The company makes sure " to deliver the goods " and giving complete satisfaction to the customers who so save up, time, money and annoying issues. We do not save any efforts for the peace of mind of the shipper and the consignee. The satisfaction of the client is the main reason for the work of Urgence Courrier Colis Cargo. In another side. the company take care of the local economy we buy ,as much as we can, directly from local businesses and this for all our vehicules, their maintenances and also for the fuel and oil from the local dealers. UCCC worried about the environment, recycles and avoids the paper over consumption, for the good health of ecology. To do it, a network system allows the customers to track,to check the status or make an ETA (Estimated time arrival) of a shippement. This syteme allow you to manage your account and verify yours invoices without any use of paper. We are convinced, that Urgency Courrier, Colis, Cargo inc. remains the most reliable, the fastest, safest and the most effective company in any event.
Réalisation: Eric Maltais
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