Mail Service
For all those things that can not wait
The specialist for immediate delivery
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Réalisation: Eric Maltais
UCCC offers a personalized service of delivrey of immediate mail. We have at our disposal more than 20 varied vehicules whith allowof service ultra fast to our clientele. Our vehicules are distributed in the strategic points of the coty to be always inclined to give you fastest and most effective of the services of immediate transport.
UCCC also offers a service of transport l.t.l. For your biggest and urgent shippements. the service is available for the whole provinde of Québec, Ontario, North-Shore and New Brunswick as well and more.
Add to your company of a complete system of logistics and effective distribution team what allows us to manage your inventory in our warehouse. Reception of the goods, physical inventory, shipping, our staff can deliver ans install new components to your clientele.
A new service is offered at a lower cost, for all your sendings less urgent. A service of delivery 24 hours is available on Saguenay, Lac-St-Jean. We are capable of offering you a very competitive price.
We offer a temporized storage service diversifield for all yours goods and diversified stock in our warehouse of more than 4500 sq.ft.
UCCC offers a personalized service of transport cargo high performance with tip-up trailers which can answer immediately your impromptu needs for transport. 6 specialized units which can transport a maximal length of 27 feet for a maximum weight of 45000 pounds. We also have the necessary licences for your needs for transport exceeding standards.